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Frequently Asked Questions

LIFT is a fully comprehensive group therapy program for Sexual Addiction and Betrayal Trauma, designed by leading experts Brannon Patrick and Kathy Kinghorn for real, lasting recovery. Our goal is to help you build Love, Integrity, Freedom and Trust.

Our one-of-a-kind program includes a full digital suite for each step of LIFT. In addition to your weekly group sessions, you will have 24/7 access to each topic bundle which includes; homework, worksheets, supplemental listening and a video from our experts discussing the specifics of that topic. This is so much more than a once-a-week meeting! LIFT can meet you where you are at and support you through every phase of recovery. 

LIFT has 6 phases: Phase 1 is educational and lasts for 8 weeks. Phases 2-5 focus on individual recovery skills and last approximately 3 months each (1 year total). Phase 6 focuses on couples work and connection with your partner and lasts about 6 months. Because every individual and group is different, some groups may spend more time on certain skills than others. To complete the entire program, including couples work, clients should plan on enrolling for about 20 months.

Every membership includes a weekly, two-hour group therapy session with a LIFT expert clinician. As soon as you enroll, you will also gain instant access to our Foundations (LIFT 1) online content. This includes a comprehensive 24/7 access online suite with specific topic bundles which cover every aspect of your recovery. Each bundle includes a video from our experts on the topic, specific information on how that topic will apply to your recovery, weekly homework, journal prompts and supplemental listening that will support you in the first weeks of LIFT. As you move into LIFT 2, you gain access to the full online content for your individual and group recovery. Then, as you step into couples work in LIFT 3 you and your partner will each be given access to our couple digital suite. The LIFT 3 content is curated specifically to take everything you've gained from your individual recovery and use it to grow together as a couple into honest and empathetic connection that will last.

Great question! Sessions only open once a quarter (January, April, July and October). You can join today to reserve your spot before the next LIFT starts. Click HERE to find our registration page. Click the course you wish to join to see schedule dates and details for our upcoming LIFT. During Phase 1 we always meet Wednesdays from 6-8 p.m. MT. After those first 8 weeks you will move on to your phase 2 group. These times vary and you will move on with the majority of the peers you’ve already connected with. 


Group Therapy has shown to be more effective than individual or couples’ sessions. Kathy & Brannon built LIFT with a focus on group work because that is where they’ve seen lasting growth happen more often. Group therapy has the advantage of peers who understand exactly what you’re going through. You find real growth in supporting each other and you get the unique opportunity to practice skills with your peers instead of with a therapist. You’ll start building a community of support within your group and find people who really get it, they understand the struggles of recovery. You’ll find that holding each other accountable creates a safety net for the times you struggle most. With an expert clinician leading the discussion and teaching skills and topics you and your peers will grow from each other’s experiences.  
You’ll practice communication, empathy, and vulnerability with your group in a way that you just can’t with individual sessions alone.

Finally, group therapy is also a much more cost-effective option long term. With group therapy meeting for 8-hours a month for only $225, and individual sessions running anywhere from $125-$200 an hour, you’ll find that group is an affordable and more effective way to reach your recovery goals.

You are completely free to continue meeting with any therapist while you attend LIFT. However, Brannon and Kathy believe individual work should be supplementary to group work - you will be getting great clinical and peer support with group alone! Most of our group participants will cut back on individual sessions and only use it as needed while enrolled in LIFT. Talk with your therapist to assess your individual situation and needs.

If you would like to meet with an individual therapist that know the inside and outside of LIFT call 385-254-3522 to schedule an appointment today! 

Great question! This program is designed for your personal growth and success, regardless of your relationship status. LIFT is designed to help you with your individual recovery. We highly suggest that couples register for LIFT together, but everyone has their own unique journey and if you’re ready, we encourage you to take control of your own recovery and start now! The final step of group, Phase 6 is for couples only, but every other step is focused on your individual journey and growth. LIFT prioritizes individual healing first because couples work is more successful when both partners are already in recovery.  

**Clinical recommendation is required before you and your spouse can begin couples work in Phase 6

Let us ease your concerns! Men and women meet separately for all group work! Men and women will join the same Zoom meeting for the educational portion of LIFT (the first 8-weeks), but they will always be in separate breakout rooms where sharing and discussion take place. Afterwards, men and women will be completely separate in phase 2 to focus on their own recovery.

The most amazing thing about group is that it rescues you from the island of disparity and feeling you are alone! First, there is no right or wrong way to feel about joining group. Everyone will view the start of their journey in a different way. Some people are excited for the change and a new way to do things, others experience anxiety for those same reasons. Wherever you fall on the emotional spectrum, the LIFT program will meet you where you are. Know that you will have peers who have similar feelings as you. What you will discover is that you are not alone anymore, you will have peers facing the same struggles and hopes, and you will find that the safe space created in these groups allows you the potential for growth you wouldn’t find otherwise. Coming to group and opening up might be uncomfortable, but it will allow you to connect with your peers, overcome the shame. and find true healing.

 This is not a faith-based program. However, your clinician will occasionally discuss the role of a higher power (i.e. God, Nature, the Universe, etc.) in the recovery process and individuals are welcome to integrate their faith or belief system into their own recovery. 

We take your privacy very seriously! We require all participants to attend LIFT meetings with cameras on and alone so that no one is listening in. If you are traveling, can’t be alone, etc. headphones are required and you cannot have your screen in view of anyone else. Everyone will remain muted unless they are sharing in their breakout rooms. If you have questions or concerns about confidentiality, please reach out to us! We find that our format and basic group guidelines allow a space of safety and security for you to share your story.

We've got your back! Our Client Success Specialists are trained in Zoom operations and can help answer any of your questions before LIFT starts so you have a technologically smooth experience. We even hold a online orientation before to help you get started! 

LIFT is designed to see you through a full and lasting recovery. That looks different for everyone, as it should, you have your own unique story! Your trauma and/or your addiction is not something easily overcome, we truly wish we could make this a faster process for our clients – but remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! It takes most of our clients/groups about 14 months to complete the individual portion of the  program (phases 1-5). Couples work in phase 6 will last an approximately 6 months. Each individual and group is unique and some may spend additional time in some phases that expected, but we tell our clients to plan on 20 months to complete the entire program. 

  If at any time you need to discontinue, just contact a member of our team and you will not be billed for the following month. There is no required long-term commitment. *** Please notify a team member of cancelations by the 25th of the month prior, to avoid billing for the following month.

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