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LIFT for Recovery

LIFT For Recovery

The LIFT Program is Therapy Utah’s unique online group therapy approach to treating betrayal trauma, sex addiction, and pornography addiction. Unlike approaches that focus on isolated behavior modification, LIFT is based on community and connection—helping you reconnect to your best self, your partner, your family, and your relationships under the guidance of expert therapists.

"I've learned I'm not alone and all the crazy going on in my head and life is normal. I am getting better with boundaries and trying to also teach my children the tools I'm learning. I am so grateful for this program!"

LIFT Client

"My relationship with my kids has improved dramatically! I'm much better at meeting them where they are emotionally and developmentally, I'm a better father. I didn't expect to see improvement as a parent, this is much more than marriage help. "

LIFT Client

"I have pieces of my healing journey that I didn't know would help, like the timeline and letters. Working with a talented therapist is so valuable compared to other groups I've been in. "

LIFT Client

"I am truly grateful for the program, the wonderful staff, the professionalism, and the overall empathy you guys have. You truly make a difference in people's lives. I am so thankful I found LIFT!"

LIFT Client

LIFT for Women

Betrayal trauma is a widely misunderstood type of trauma, but at Therapy Utah, we understand it.  LIFT was created to ensure you have a safe, supportive space to heal, to learn, and to remember who you are.

LIFT for Men

Dealing with sex addiction or pornography addiction can be a difficult and shameful process, but help is available from others who understand your struggle firsthand. We don’t weaponize your shame in an attempt to modify your behavior—instead, we designed LIFT’s weekly group sessions to put you in touch with a supportive community that can help you find the strength to make real, lasting change.

"You have changed the course of my life!"

LIFT Client

"Everything I've learned about relapse prevention has been so helpful!"

LIFT Client

"I've learned to speak up for myself. I've learned more about denial strategies, more about the drama and fear cycles. I've also really liked the online content. "

LIFT Client

"I've really found increased awareness of my needs for connection, self-care, and mindfulness so I can live a better life. "

LIFT Client

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